Are You Running a Business… Or Running Yourself Into the Ground?

Having another 5-figure launch doesn’t have to mean you’ve just added 15 additional 1:1 client calls to your calendar.

Get ready for LEVERAGE™.  


Applications for the next LEVERAGE™ Cohort Enrollment will open on April 3rd, 2023

LEVERAGE™ is a comprehensive, high performance coaching program for expert coaches who are ready to reclaim their time and sustainably add 6-figures of new revenue to their business in the next 12 months with a high ticket, curriculum based group coaching program.


You don’t want to create another low priced, DIY digital course (which you've struggled to sell in the past). Why? Because you are in the “getting results” business, not the “selling stuff” business. 

On average, 10% of people who buy a course actually finish it. Out of those 10% that finish, how many of them do you think actually experience real results?  

Let's face the facts - 😒 Not many.  

You started your business because you want to have your cake and eat it too. You want to make damn good money helping others get results using skills you've mastered. You want to get paid top dollar based on the value you deliver and work with clients who are committed to doing the work required to get real life changing results.


Every day we help coaches and service providers, like you, transform their 1:1 service into a SUSTAINABLE coaching business that is set up to automate the necessary aspects of your offer so you have the energy to show up, serve your clients and increase your business growth month after month.

"But is it really possible to maintain the quality of my client results without offering private 1:1 coaching calls?"

Kemi quadrupled her client load while improving client experience and results. (And, no, she's NOT a business coach.)

Before LEVERAGE I was at capacity with 1:1 clients and my full-time job (that I LOVE). Since joining, I've been able to work with 4x the number of women, which absolutely transformed me as a coach - I'm sharper, my materials are even more honed to their particular struggles, and my clients' wins have dramatically increased. With time I've now created, I've been able to do an entire curriculum refinement, launch a podcast, incorporate the 1:1 sessions in a way that makes sense for the client journey and thus are SO much more impactful. 

- Kemi Doll, Coach for Women of Color in Academic Medicine

Earnings Disclaimer

There are 3 objectives of my LEVERAGE™ Coaching Program 

  • Help you restructure your business to add a new revenue stream with a high ticket group coaching program. 
  • Build an amazing coaching business that allows you to double your current revenue with a high-touch, high ticket group coaching program by repackaging the 1:1 work you've already done.
  • Enrolling fully committed and highly qualified clients at the $3k - $10k price point, working with fewer clients and making a much bigger impact.

Qualification Criteria of Each LEVERAGE™ Member 

There is a qualification process for each CEO. I will be personally delivering the coaching experience and I can only work with a select group of qualified CEOs who want to achieve the 3 objectives above. I need to make sure you’re ready now and (because of my guarantee below) you’ll implement what you commit to.

This program is for the best experts from around the world. It’s very exciting, it produces unprecedented results for you however, it’s not for everyone.


  • Coaches who want to enroll clients at the $3k - $10k price point. No more discounts, down-sells, or low priced DIY courses. You know this is possible, you want a simple and realistic process to get you there.
  • Ambitious Coaches - who want to disrupt and dominate in their industry, elevating the client experience with a high ticket group coaching program.
  • Coaches who are ready to stop mimicking the manipulative marketing tactics that so many teach in our industry. No more webinars, powered by paid ads, followed by never ending email sequences and false scarcity. You want an ethical launch plan that allows you to generate consistent sales month after month while remaining in integrity.
  • Coaches who are tired of being the "only one" in the room. You want to be surrounded by a group of high performing, over achievers who offer diverse perspective and know where you are coming from.
  • Coaches who are decisive and ready to take action right NOW. No more delaying your dreams to create balance in your business.
  • Coaches who actually CARE about their clients and want to create a solid curriculum and streamlined client experience to ensure they win!


  • People who want to keep playing small with low priced ($2k or less) offers. You must know that what you have to offer gets clients real results, but you just need a proven process that aligns with your current capacity to get you there.
  • People that have a track record of FTI - Failure To Implement. If you're one who consumes information more than actually doing the work, this is not for you.
  • People who have NO CLUE what their group coaching program would be about. You don't just know about what you want to you, you've done it before and you're ready to teach it to others.
  • People who are beginners - you need to have already implemented the basics.
  • People who whine about doing the work and want to be coddled. #NotHereForIt - this program is not one where we will build an unhealthy, co-dependent relationship. You will learn how to confidently make decisions as a CEO by applying the strategies we teach within the curriculum.


The format of the program is the ‘secret sauce’ that makes LEVERAGE™ work so well. When we get to speak I’ll give you the exact format and we’ll see if it works for you. Rest assured the format is the right mix of:

  • The Curriculum: Structured, comprehensive workshop style training, teaching you what to do
  • The Coaching: Face to face virtual coaching and study hours, showing you how to do it, and 
  • The Community: Peer masterminding + public 1:1 support, ensuring you learn how to do it better


  • 12 months access to LEVERAGE: The Method Program + Curriculum.
    This program is engineered to allow us to create your high ticket group coaching program (or refine the program your currently offer) and then streamline your delivery so clients get consistent results without being dependent on you showing up to hours of private 1:1 calls. This is intentionally designed to be a 12 month container, giving us time to enhance your curriculum, launch your program, and make data driven decisions to optimize everything!
  • Three Group Coaching Calls Per Month.
    Throughout the month, we will meet face to face for high level coaching calls together. We will discuss strategy, overcome challenges, peer mastermind, and receive individualized support as we develop your decision making abilities as a CEO. You'll receive all the support you need to know what to do, how to do it, fixing any issues with your program promise, curriculum structure, client delivery or sales funnel.
  • Lean Launch Data Analysis.
    After you complete your Lean Launch, you will track your data and submit your performance for review. This is where we actually look at your metrics, evaluate your offer positioning, critique your messaging and analyze your application page. You will get actionable, expert guidance on what your next steps need to be to enhance your marketing content topics, payment plan structure, sales call flow, and more.
  • Private Client Only Facebook Group.
    Surround yourself with the most ethnically diverse community of high earning, top performing, over achievers in the online industry, running 6- and 7- figure businesses. This is a community where you will ask questions, get support, generously share, and meet new friends who are on your level.
  • Entire Program Curriculum, Performance Tracking Spreadsheets & Templates
    Take the guess work out of everything by following our structurally engineered and intentionally designed curriculum, downloads, workbooks, tracking spreadsheets, and "done for you" templates inside our private portal. Access everything you'll need to confidently articulate your program promise, effectively qualify leads, streamline your curriculum, onboard new clients without complicated tech, enroll clients via Direct Message, double your sales call conversion rate, repurpose your marketing content, and so much more.

"Is the investment really worth it?"

LEVERAGE helped this wedding photographer transition out of her full time job

Before joining LEVERAGE, I was craving a coaching program that had tangible benefits. I had worked with mindset coaches in the past (which were great for the seasons I was in, in the past!), but knew that I had to get a better handle on things that were actually measurable in my business. I've earned $25k extra so far, and I know that will keep growing (compound effect!). When I first started Leverage, I NEVER would have considered leaving my full-time job. Today, I'm asking to go part time in it, with the intention to phase out completely at some point in the future.

- Erica Leman, Business Mentor to Wedding Photographers

You are ready to LEVERAGE if you meet one of these three categories:

1. The Successful 1:1 Coach or Course Creator who is ready to raise their price and better articulate their value to align with the results they are already helping clients achieve.

2. The Existing Group Program Leader who is ready to design a more scaleable offer and remove the need for private 1:1 calls or customization to ensure client results.

3. The Agency Owner or Skillful Done-For-You Provider who wants to add a new revenue stream to their business that allows them to work with more clients without adding more calls to their calendar.

Streamline Your Signature Service Into A Scaleable Group Offer

Once you customize the delivery of your service, you no longer have the ability to scale your offer. The goal is to define your entire client process, from attraction to sales conversion to client onboarding to getting your clients consistent results.

Create & Deliver Consistent Value Without Over Customization

The belief that you have to do more in order to earn more is dead. #StopHustling Your clients don't want more tips and tricks, they want the least path of resistance to getting results. Evolve your marketing, elevate your positioning, and eliminate anything that does not deliver value to your clients.

Repackage, Refine, & Relaunch Your Way To Multi-Six Figures & Beyond

You've built a business that you have to serve, it's time to build your business so that it can serve you. You have a framework for getting your clients results (if you realize it or not). Package that framework into a leveraged offer and finally regain control over your business. 


This program is not cheap. It's not designed to be. The hundreds of CEOs we have already coached have added millions of dollars in new revenue so they know my methods work. 

However, (at this stage) you don’t know that they’re going to work for you. To give you some comfort, I am prepared to guarantee your results.  

If you implement everything you commit to (as guided by me) then I will guarantee a FULL return on your investment. If you implement everything and do not get a FULL return each year during the program, then I will work with you for free until you do.  

Simple as that. You implement everything you commit to with my guidance and you get a guaranteed return every year.

You either make your money back or I give it back to you.

👍🏽 Sound good? 

"But is it really possible to have $10k - $50k cash collected months WITHOUT webinars and complicated marketing funnels?"

Harry had his first $50k month while spending more time with his son. 

"Before LEVERAGE, I had a successful personal training business and had my eyes set on transitioning to helping other trainers build their online fitness businesses. Since joining LEVERAGE, I’ve experienced rapid growth including hitting my first $50k month which showed me that $80-100k months are more than possible. I’ve grown as a person and as a leader and while building all of this, I’ve also been able to spend more quality time with my son which is my ultimate WHY."

- Harry Holmes, Business Coach for Female Online Personal Trainers

Start selling beyond survival. 

You've been so focused on growing your team and increasing your revenue, you forgot about your profits.

Whether you are a coach or a done-for-you service provider, you have been doing whatever it takes to make it work. And doing whatever it takes often includes:  

>> Allowing clients to piecemeal your services together because they don't want to pay your full rate

>> Confusing over delivering value with over giving your time

>> Letting your clients run your business - their wish is your command, right?  

This is not okay.

Doing whatever you thought it took…

>> Hiring more team members to solve your client capacity problem - clients are coming but they require a high level of personal customization to get consistent results

>> Spending more money on paid ads to fix your low engagement and lead generation issue - people express interest but not enough of them are qualified  

>> Offering additional services, hosting virtual events, or launching lower level programs to overcome objections you just can’t seem to nail during sales conversations

All the while your profit margins are significantly tanking. You’re paying everyone else - your team of too many, Mark Zuckerberg and whoever owns YouTube - but barely compensating yourself.

This might have “worked” for a little while, but we both know it’s not sustainable.

This is not okay. None of this is okay!  

It's not okay because the love you used to have for your business is slowly turning into resentment. Over time, resentment can evolve into contempt, which has been coined 'the sulfuric acid of business' because it can create an explosive reaction. And not in a good way.  

This is the first sign that you need to re-evaluate some things.  

 NOTE: I didn't say you need to quit or tear your MacBook in half, screaming in rage and feeling defeated. I said re-evaluate. Tweak. Adjust. Experiment. Pivot your business model. Try something else. Selling 1:1 services was the start. It got you that first $2,000 client and helped you replace your 9-5 paycheck. But offering more 1:1 services isn't the simplest way for you to build the $200k+ business you've been dreaming about.  

 Secondly, hustling your way to six figures might work the first time around, but no amount of hustle will get you to multi-six figures consistently (without losing your sanity). Achieving your income goal is great but the real prize in being able to sustain it. You're the expert, you're in charge, and it's up to you to set your boundaries, your expectations, and your standards. Your clients will follow your lead. If you decide to raise your rates or adjust how you deliver your service, no one is going to start a Facebook group protest yelling that you have no right to call yourself a professional. You are at risk of losing everything anyway if you don't get some sleep and some sanity, so what are you afraid of?

 To bring it on home, none of this is okay because it's not profitable. And not being profitable is a perfectly good reason to stop doing something. Offering deep discounts on your services to make someone else happy or responding to client text messages at 10:48pm on a school night because they really need the help isn't going to cut it anymore.  

Ultimately, you got into business for the benefits of being in business for yourself: Flexibility, time freedom, career satisfaction, earning potential.  

 But if you aren't intentional, all of those things can turn into a double-edged sword just as easily: You won't give yourself any flexibility - making more money should enhance your life, not keep you glued to your laptop all hours of the day. You'll hesitate to exercise the freedom to pick your daughter up from school or to have a guilt free girls night. You become too scared to explore your earning potential, putting a glass ceiling above yourself that you can no longer blame on the boss. You'll be left right back where you started: Without much career satisfaction.

Don't do that to yourself.

 Life doesn't come in Size Easy. But you do get to pick your hard. And when the reasonable options come down to hard because it's something new, or hard because you aren't courageous enough, I hope you'll remember the reason you did all of this...

Because something new is exactly what you needed in the first place.

You did it for them, now do it for you.

You will be notified first when clients spots become available.


We are 100% committed to helping our clients get results.  

In fact, during the first 30 days, we're going to be watching you like a Hawk. If you aren't actually doing the work, we'll kick you out and you'll lose your opportunity to transform your business and life.  

That's how committed we are to the integrity of this program.

We are 100% committed to cultivating a diverse and inclusive coaching experience.

Being a black woman in America, I understand the unique gender barriers and cultural challenges we must overcome in order to experience success. This is a program where you will be supported beyond the strategy and a community where you will feel safe, be seen, and for once, not be the "only one".

Get ready to be surrounded by other high-performing men and women of all ethnic and racial hues who are ready to narrow the racial wealth gap by becoming profitable online coaches.

Committed To Your Success

70-80% of LEVERAGE clients earn a full return on investment (ROI) for the entire year based on the revenue they generate during their first launch. We set you up to see results within the first 60 days of enrollment.

Committed To Delivering On Our Promises

90% of clients stated they would recommend LEVERAGE to a friend or family member. 97% of clients stated they were satisfied and felt as if they were getting what they paid for. We aim to do right by you.

Committed To Learner Accessibility

Whether you are a visual, auditory, reading/writing, or kinesthetic learner, we've got you covered. Our curriculum has closed captions, speed control, and written workbooks to help you take action with ease.

News!!! I've converted 10 people into my new leveraged offer.

There are two price points, $2,997 for general and $4,500 for VIP. I collected $29,470 collected with my alpha Lean Launch. I'm so excited!!!

— Kyshira Moffett, Brand Strategist & Business Coach

Before creating her leveraged offer, enrolling 10 new clients would have meant 10 additional hours of coaching calls on Kyshira's calendar each week. With her leveraged offer, she primarily serves clients during 2 group coaching calls each month, getting back over 30 hours of her time.

My goal was 30 students and $50k.

I followed the LL method AND was very intentional about channeling energy toward my desired outcome and the results: $20,292 cash collected, $31,458 to be collected, that’s $51,750 total!

— Lisa Angel Smith, Plant Based Health Coach

Celebrating my first Lean Launch (LL) completion today!

After only 5 weeks in Leverage, my first LL was a $23,391 launch. I am incredibly proud of this accomplishment. This same program was once a digital course, selling for less than $1,000. After refining my program promise, I’ve been able to more than 5x my price and enroll the most amazing clients as a result.

— Jenna Romano, Dog Anxiety Coach

Let us coach you to your most profitable year yet. 

Unlike other digital DIY courses, where you spend 99% of your time learning instead of executing, LEVERAGE™ keeps you 100% focused on doing.

LEVERAGE™ is NOT about frolicking around and feeling good, it's about getting results by doing the work that will lead to results.

In fact, you'll probably experience moments of extreme discomfort. Not because it's hard, but because the method it's so SIMPLE.

It will sound SO UNBELIEVABLY SIMPLE, you'll try to overcomplicate it.

Resist the urge because breaking through the multi 6-figure mark DOES NOT have to be complicated.

Stop worrying about the "how" and let us give you the system so you can just get to work.

Our clients love LEVERAGE because we deliver results!

You will be notified first when clients spots become available.