An event that drives tangible business ROI for online coaches & course creators

The CEO Summit is a Workshop Style Event with Peers at the Top of Their Game in Coaching, Consulting, Online Education & Digital Marketing


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Profit Focused Conversations 

Powerful Connections

Proven Approach

What this is:

  • Intimate experience with limited spots for business owners who have been around the block
  • Dialogue, discussion, and fresh perspective
  • Tailored conversations to help you achieve your goals 
  • A space to be reminded of who you are (rather than being told who you should be)
  • Revealing what’s really required to not just make more money but preserve more profit
  • Instructional guidance with sessions dedicated for implementation 
  • A place to unravel and be fully honest about your wins and challenges (not having it all together is okay)
  • Share what’s worked and what's still working

What this is not: 

  • Unvetted attendees
  • Uncapped group with hundreds of people 
  • Unethical practices focused on making money at any cost
  • Beginners guide to getting started

The CEO Summit Recordings are for you if…

You’re an online education business owner with an existing business that’s making money. You’re probably craving: 

  • Strategic direction on how to restructure your business model for increased profit
  • Scaling while maintaining a high ROI
  • Improve your messaging to attract more of the right kind of leads  
  • Increase your sales conversion rates above 60% (YES, that's possible!)
  • How to manage your business cash flow to increase your net profit
  • Building an internal media process to help you increase your content output
  • Knowing who to hire and when so you aren't burning yourself out in order to grow
  • Finding a peer group of other people at or above your level so you can raise your standards 

Meet Your Host

Hey hey! I’m Jereshia, the creator of the group coaching program LEVERAGE, host of the top-ranked Jereshia Said podcast, who became a millionaire by leveraging the profit from her online coaching business. #nouveauriche

I deeply believe that entrepreneurship is the bridge to economic equalization. I’m committed to helping as many online coaches as I can to close the racial wealth gap by helping them build profitable online businesses. 

As a first-generation entrepreneur, I've experienced the struggle it takes to achieve the high goals I set for myself while maintaining my personal sanity along the way. 

And after participating in and hosting various events in the past, I’ve seen the impact they can have on the growth of those in the room. 

So, this time, I decided to create an event that I wished existed. This event was be a blend of what’s working, masterminding, and best practices that you won’t find online. 

If you are tired of the bait and switch, overly hyped and produced events that are more fluff and elementary in education, definitely grab the recordings of the CEO Summit.

- Jereshia

What Attendees Are Saying

"Jereshia is a powerhouse of generous information and thoughtful delivery.  She's strategic in her teachings and brings together an incredible group of people."

- Katie Hunt
Business Coach

"I thought the event was wonderful. VIP was worth it and the attendees and team were great!"

- Jessica Rivera
Business Coach

"It is an extraordinary thing being in the room with people of this level of integrity and knowledge and drive. Know that work is required, time is required but if you follow through, you will see returns beyond your wildest dreams."

- Abigail White
Wellness Coach

"Your life will be forever changed by this event! My mind has been opened to the possibilities!

The most amazing part for me was the Black women in the house!! It really does something to see yourself in someone else."

- Karra Kiddoe
Relationship Coach

"You're going to learn to think differently about your business, your marketing, and who you are as a CEO.

If you want to grow beyond what you think you're capable of, having possibility models and having amazing CEOs call out the greatness in you, this is the right room for you."

- Chelsea Wallace
Launch Copy Coach

"​​If you are picky like me and want to work with someone who is a damn good expert, approachable, funny, and humble you need to join Jereshia's business community... you will get more than what you thought you needed and then some!"

- Jasmine Hawthorne
Executive Career Coach

The Agenda


Day 1 - Monday, September 25th

8:30am | Doors Open, Coffee & Networking

9:00am | Your Cash Cow - $1M Net Worth Business Model

You started your business not to be validated because you had the most employees, not to be recognized in the grocery store because people know who you are but to make a lot of money, to support your lifestyle, and to have enough to leave behind to your loved ones. Jereshia will break down exactly how she structured her business model, offers, team support, and pricing to create $1M in personal net worth by leveraging the profit from her coaching business. Calculate cash flow projections to redesign your own business model for maximum profit. Learn how to create a million dollars in personal net worth (even if you don't want the responsibility that comes with running a multi-million-dollar revenue business).

12:30pm | VIP Lunch with Jereshia & Standard Lunch Off-Site

VIP ticket holders will enjoy an all-inclusive lunch with Jereshia. Otherwise, you'll head off-site to grab lunch with a new friend.

2:00pm | Peaceful Profit - Scaling On Your Terms [Owners Intent & Exit Strategy]

It's time to determine YOUR definition of success (rather than chasing what you think you're supposed to want). More profit does not have to mean less peace. It's time for you to define your Owners Intent and get clear on what your Exit Strategy is as a personal brand-led business. Defining success on your terms is the start of creating a business that supports your desired lifestyle. Learn how to determine your true north, get exposed to different exit strategy options, and start making decisions that align with your true desires (not someone else's definition of success).

4:30pm | Day 1 Concludes

6:30pm | VIP After Hours Fireside Chat with Jereshia

VIP ticket holders will have the chance to ask questions and get personalized advice in an exclusive and intimate setting.

Day 2 - Tuesday, September 26th

8:30am | Doors Open, Coffee & Networking

9:00am | Design Your 12-Month Content Marketing Strategy + Team Support Needs

The sales conversation starts the moment someone consumes your content. You're always priming prospects to make a buying decision or you are actively promoting your offer, inviting them to take action by working with you. How you structure your content marketing strategy is what will determine the quality of leads you attract, the sales conversion rates you hit, and the price your prospect will be ready to pay. Learn what you need to post, when you need to post it, and how to build your internal content distribution system to consistently be able to post. Learn how to batch your content process, and publish consistent content to build demand and promotional content for when you're ready to open enrollment. Finally, learn what (and who) it takes to create and publish your content consistently.

12:30pm | Standard Lunch

All attendees will enjoy an all-inclusive lunch on-site.

2:00pm | Solidify Your Strategic Business Model

Leave the event with three major CEO decisions solidified: Your Business Model, Your Money Management, and Your Content Marketing & Launch Strategy. Complete the Legacy Roadmap Strategic Assessment to diagnose your existing business model, pinpoint the current gaps and get laser-focused on what you need to be working on over the next 90 days. Learn the entire 3-year process to building a 7-figure online education business. If you’re ready to trade in guesswork for a proven framework this session is for you!

4:30pm | Day 2 Concludes

7:00pm | Evening Terrace Farewell Happy Hour

Join us for a sunset winddown with decadent drinks and delicious appetizers.

Day 3 - Wednesday, September 27th

8:30am | Doors Open, Coffee & Networking

9:00am | 👑 Platinum Experience Business Mastermind with Jereshia [Limited to 6 spots]

Join us for an exclusive Platinum Experience that includes a rare opportunity to engage in a deep-dive discussion of your specific business challenges and opportunities. Our high-level mastermind session offers a dedicated space for you to collaborate with other accomplished professionals and gain fresh perspectives on your business. With extremely limited spots available, this is an exclusive opportunity that you won't want to miss.

12:00pm | Platinum Experience Lunch + Mastermind Day Concludes